Before-Air (or better known as Deleted Scenes) are parts of almost all TV shows that never made it to the air, for many reasons such as being inappropriate, it didn't amuse the writers, or it was just forgotten of.


The list of Before-Air edits are shown below.

SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

Help WantedEdit

  • Originally, SpongeBob was so excited about his next job at the Krusty Krab that he wouldn't take his hat off.

Tea at the TreedomeEdit

  • Originally, SpongeBob and Patrick took flowers from Squidward's front yard for Sandy, and then they ran away as Squidward popped his head out of his window and shouted at them.
  • At one point, Patrick would have said "A hat full of hair?".

Ripped PantsEdit

  • Originally, the episode would have ended when the concert just began. This ending is still shown in some countries.


  • A scene with Squidward being naked was going to be in the episode.

Boating SchoolEdit

  • Originally, SpongeBob would not get worried about cheating, he would cross the finish line, and get his license.

Pizza DeliveryEdit

  • Squidward originally said "Oh, my aching testicles!", instead of "Oh, my aching tentacles". This line is still kept in some countries.

Hall MonitorEdit

  • Originally, a bus driver were to shout "Stupid barnacle brain!" at one point.

Sandy's RocketEdit

  • Originally, SpongeBob would have captured Plankton while he was stealing a Krabby Patty.
  • Sandy would have captured SpongeBob before she returns to Earth for punishment.

Nature PantsEdit

  • Originally, SpongeBob acted like Tarzan in the wild, but the role was instead given to Patrick.

Employee of the MonthEdit

  • Originally, SpongeBob would have asked "Do you know what that means?", and then Squidward thinking "Why?".

Scaredy PantsEdit

  • Originally, Patrick shaving off SpongeBob's skin was not included.

I Was a Teenage GaryEdit

  • Originally, Squidward turning into a snail was not seen on-screen.


  • This episode was originally called SB-192 and still is in some countries.

Karate ChoppersEdit

  • Sandy was orginally supposed to chop a fish in the testicles.

Sleepy PantsEdit

  • SpongeBob was originally not supposed to lick his plate in the dream.


  • The live-action parts were originally not included.

Valentine's DayEdit

  • When the fish asks what time it is, Patrick was originally supposed to say 3:15 instead of "Patrick needs love, too!". This was still done in the Dutch airing.


  • A scene involving Mr. Krabs sniffing a pile of treasure was originally in the episode.

Rock BottomEdit

  • Originally, when SpongeBob runs to catch the bus for the first time, it explodes and SpongeBob falls down in a culvert and blood-like animals started eating the bus.

Fools in AprilEdit

  • Squidward originally spoke to Sandy before Patrick.


  • A dead fish was originally seen next to the shoe on a hook.

Something SmellsEdit

  • SpongeBob originally told the building "I just don't get it", instead of "Hi building". This line is kept at least in Latin America dub.
  • Squidward originally said "Ugly and smelly, two for one" at the end of the episode.

Bossy BootsEdit

  • This episode was originally titled "Working Pearl".

Big Pink LoserEdit

  • SpongeBob originally helped Patrick open the jar.

Dying for PieEdit

  • Originally, the plot involed Mr. Krabs holding a baking contest and SpongeBob and Squidward cooked pies, and Squidward put a bomb in his pie.

Imitation KrabsEdit

  • Originally, the narrator said "2 1/2 hours later" instead of "6 1/2 hours later".


  • Originally, SpongeBob was supposed to find Wormy in a pie he was eating.

Patty HypeEdit

  • The first customer's patty was originally blue and not purple.

Prehibernation WeekEdit

  • Originally, SpongeBob was supposed to be annoyed at Sandy starting hibernation.

Life of CrimeEdit

  • Originally, SpongeBob would have said "No more getting nailed" than Patrick hammered a nail in his head.

Christmas Who?Edit

  • Originally, Squidward gave the little girl an antique of himself rather than a wrench.
  • Mr. Krabs originally said "And don't forget about me pony!".

Survival of the IdiotsEdit

  • Originally, Sandy's bed was on the ceiling.


  • Originally, SpongeBob wished Patchy was a vegetarian.
  • Patrick originally asked for gum.
  • Squidward originally asked that he never met SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • The endless hole that Squidward falls through originally had bones and skeletons in it.

Welcome to the Chum BucketEdit

  • It originally showed Plankton disembraining SpongeBob.

The Secret BoxEdit

  • Originally, the picture from the Christmas Party showed SpongeBob with a lampshade over his head.

The SimpsonsEdit

Simpsons Roasting On An Open FireEdit

  • When Homer was driving and knocking down the "No Trespassing" signs, he was supposed to also hit a bunch of animals such as raccoons, bunnies, and squirrels.
  • When Barney was driving past Homer and Bart, he was meant to kiss his girlfriend and then drive off.

Bart The GeniusEdit

  • Homer was originally meant to call Bart a nincompoop at one point and Martin was supposed to call him an butt brain in another.

Homer's OdysseyEdit

  • Mrs Krabappel was originally meant to say the boy put his arm through a window because he wanted to commit suicide.

There's No Disgrace Like HomeEdit

  • Originally, Homer's family was suppose to go look for him by car and originally run him over ending the episode in the hospital.

One Enchanted EveningEdit

  • Originally, One Enchanted Evening had crappy quality and Homer was meant to slam the door into Marge's face on his way to work making her kiss the door.
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