Canada is the name of a country in the northern part of the world, and above the United States of America. It makes edits to shows such as Regular Show


This edits made in Canada are listed below.

Regular ShowEdit

First DayEdit

  • When Rigby's body is halfway into the monster's mouth is removed.

Ello Gov'norEdit

  • When the taxi is shown in the woman's shower in the movie is removed.
  • When Mordecai screams "Ugh, you're screaming like a friggin' maniac!", "friggin'" is replaced with "religious". This edit was done for unkown reasons.

Benson Be GoneEdit

  • The episode is shortened to only 5 minutes, with it ending after Benson is fired by Susan.

Think PositiveEdit

  • Pops playing with soldiers is removed entirely. Though, Benson still notes that the Colonel is under his hat and it is still seen underneath there.
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