Latin America has censored several episodes of Austin and Ally. Here is a list of them below:

Episodes with Latin American CensorshipEdit

Season 1Edit

Diners & DatersEdit

  • Austin's messed-up song for Cassidy's lyrics were competely changed. It was most likely done so kids do not see Austin making fun of Cassidy in the song:

You're pretty, but yes you're pretty You're the beatiful butter on my pancake stack You make me feel like I'm a rollercoaster and I got new sneakers Something about pretty onion rings Cassidy, come sing with me

  • All instances of Austin saying that Ally "blew his chances with Cassidy", "blew" is replaced with "ruined".
  • All instances of saying "Dezzy-Ru" is replaced with "Dez".
  • Mindy doesn't fire Trish in the song, but instead sings "Trish, I don't like your bossiness, you're bossy, you're bossy, you're bo-o-o-osy", followed by Trish quitting.
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