Daffy Duck has been heavily censored on the European TV Channels.

Season 1Edit

Daffy Duck and the DinosaurEdit

  • Omitted Daffy Duck and his Friends went to Heaven as Angels.

Season 2Edit

To Duck or Not to DuckEdit

  • Daffy smells his Feathers burn by a Fire was gone.

Yankee Doodle DaffyEdit

  • Sleepy Lagoon coughing was cut.

Daffy - The CommandoEdit

  • Censors Bomb has been banned for some reasons.

Book RevueEdit

  • All scenes that there no longer showing the Homesexual Girl, Boys are happy, Henry the VIII's Mommy slapping his son, Frankie had to be the Girls, Daffy sings, and Wolf chases Daffy.

The Great Piggy Bank AdventureEdit

  • 3 several depressing quotes were cut out.
  • The criminals scene was cut out.

Season 3Edit

The Scarlet PumpernickelEdit

  • This scene showing Melissa Duck is frightening was dropped.
  • Daffy been shooting was cut.

The DuckstersEdit

  • Two scenes are no longer as follows:

Daffy shoots the Audience and Porky gets exploding.

Drip-Along DaffyEdit

  • Nasty Canasta begin to chewing Daffy's Submachine Gun was omitted.
  • The Mary Had a Little Lamb Song was gone.
  • Toy Soldier shooting Nasty Canasta is gone.
  • The "Lucky for him it is a one-horse town" line was cut out.

Duck AmuckEdit

  • The exploding gag of Daffy Duck is cut.

Duck Dodgers in the 24½th CenturyEdit

  • A Bomb scene was cut.
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