United Kingdom censors any Daffy Duck shorts in broadcast of their websites from videos. Here is the list of them as bellows:

Season 1Edit

Daffy Duck and the DinosaurEdit

  • Daffy, Casper and Fido go to Heaven was cut.

Season 2Edit

To Duck or Not to DuckEdit

  • The Gun shooting Daffy's Black Feathers was cut out.

Yankee Doodle DaffyEdit

  • Sleepy Lagoon in cough of pan and said "My heart!" is cut out.

Daffy - The CommandoEdit

  • Daffy presented Von Vulture a Bomb and some alcoholic references was removed.

Book RevueEdit

  • The sexy Indian Woman was omitted.
  • Guys in Books all happy were cut.
  • Henry the VIII's Mother slapping Henry the VIII was cut.
  • All girls saying "Frankie" were cut.
  • The "La Cucaracha" song was cut.
  • Wolf chasing Daffy were all cut out.

The Great Piggy Bank AdventureEdit

  • The "Go to find the Gangsters Hideout!" dialogue is cut.
  • The "Must be a Human Fly!" dialogue is cut.
  • The "Nothing's an possible to Dick Tracy!" dialogue is cut.
  • All bad guys scaring Daffy Duck were cut.
  • Daffy shooting all Criminals in the Door is cut out.

Season 3Edit

The Scarlet PumpernickelEdit

  • Melissa Duck is scared by Sylvester was cut.
  • Daffy begin to been shoot by a Gun near in the end is cut.

The DuckstersEdit

  • When the Audience member said "You'll be sorry!", then Daffy shoots him was eliminated.
  • Daffy made Porky inappropriate stuff and exploding is cut out.

Drip-Along DaffyEdit

  • Nasty Canasta bites Daffy's Gun was cut.
  • Porky and Daffy singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" was cut.
  • A Toy Soldier shoots Nasty Canasta's Face was cut.
  • The "Lucky for him it is a one-horse town" dialogue is cut.

Duck AmuckEdit

  • Daffy Duck been exploding by a Artillery Shell and said "Hands!" was cut out.

Duck Dodgers in the 24½th CenturyEdit

  • Porky Pig presented Marvin the Martian a Bomb, then said "Oh, thank you!" and exploding, later ran away is omitted for some reasons.
  • Daffy's Acme Ultimatum Dispatcher is changed into a Laser Gun, which is quite strange considering the fact laser guns can inflict much more damage than an Acme Ultimatum Dispatcher.
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