Latin America has censored several episodes of MAD. Here is a list of them below:

Episodes with Latin American CensorshipEdit


  • Neytiri hits Blue only twice.
  • The part when Jake Smelly's human body moans and hugs Na'vi Jake Smelly is cut out.
  • Nearly all the full shots of Bambi's zombie mother are cut.

TransBOREmores/Star Wars: The Groan WarsEdit

  • The ePhonie cRap ad is edited so that the man sitting on the toilet who farts isn't shown.
  • In How I Met My Brother's ad, the word "idiots" is muted.
  • When the teen pops the zit, the whole part when it bursts with extreme force and it creates a huge mess in the bathroom is cut.
  • The scene when Count Poo Poo asks for a nice diagonal wipe is cut out.
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