• The part where Steven says "Your move, Frybo. Attack!" and eats a fry, before Steven's pants hit Frybo.

"Monster Buddies"Edit

  • The Centipeetle Mother getting crushed under the stalactite, and the closeups of it closing its mouth/its gem dimming.

"Steven's Lion"Edit

  • The part in which Ronaldo spits his soda with Steven's "I don't think so" along with the part where Ronaldo says "I bet you're not even pregnant".

"Steven the Sword Fighter"Edit

  • The scene where Pearl helplessly drops her sword (also from Steven's flashbacks).

"Joking Victim"Edit

  • The shots containing the lyrics "Take both hands! Push below the diaphragm!" during the Big Donut training videotape are removed.
  • The part where Steven is performing the Heimlich maneuver on Lars.

"Horror Club"Edit

  • Steven saying "I think you should stop being such a dink to Ronaldo" was cut.

"Story for Steven"Edit

  • Rose's line "...and I really wanna play with you" is cut.

"The Message"Edit

  • Pearl's line "I can't believe my flipping eyes!", along with Garnet's "Everyone, listen up!", are cut.

"The Return"Edit

  • Almost the whole scene where Garnet is destabilized.

"Jail Break"Edit

  • When Jasper hits Garnet, the scene is replaced with bright white flashes.
  • When Garnet hits Jasper and smashes her crash helmet, the scene is replaced with bright white flashes.

"We Need to Talk"Edit

  • The part of Rainbow Quartz's fusion dance where Pearl gives Greg a devilish smile while she's hanging upside down.
  • The part of Rainbow Quartz's dance where she drops down in front of Greg is also cut out.
  • The scene where Greg shivers after Rose says his name is cut.
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