Regular Show is the name of an animated cartoon on Cartoon Network, and is rated TV-PG and on some occasions TV-PG-DLV or TV-PG-DV. On only one occasion was an episode rated TV-Y7, which was the episode, Dead at Eight in the show's third season


The plot revolves around Mordecai (an 8-foot tall blue-jay) and his best friend Rigby (a small raccoon) who work at a local park, called The Park, together in a city, called City. Their boss, Benson (a living gumball machine) yells at them frequently to "quit slacking" and get back to work. Their friend and co-worker, Skips (a yeti) gives them information whenever they mess up a job or something similar and cause something surrealistic to happen. Their real boss, though as acts as a friendly co-worker, Pops (a humanoid man who is shaped like a lolipop) sometimes also helps Mordecai and Rigby cause the main problem, but most of the time it is Muscle Man (who is a green-skinned human, whose real name is Mitch) and Hi Five Ghost (a ghost with a four-fingered hand extending from his head) who cause the problem. Every character has a very unique backstory, such as Skips's real name is Walks and he changed it to Skips because his wife had passed away, and they used to always skip together, so he changed his name, and vowed to skip ever since, though on some occasions when he's angry he does walk, such as the season two episode, Over the Top.


There are many of edits made for the show throughout the world.

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  • Regular Show is the Cartoon Network show to have the most edits, followed by Adventure Time.
  • Some episodes were refused to be aired in Australia.
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